International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage

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  1. Type: Convention
  2. Date of signature:
  3. Place of signature: London, United Kingdom
  4. Depositary:
  5. Date of entry into force: 21/11/2008


Environment and products

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Maritime and Law of the Sea



What is it about?

The provisions of this instrument are based on the International Convention on the Civil Responsibility for Damages Generated by Hydrocarbon Pollution (Brussels, 29 November 1969) and its Protocol of 27 November 1992. It guarantees fair compensation to State party victims of damage caused by spills of oil when carried as fuel in ship bunkers. This 2001 Convention requires the registered owner of a ship having a gross tonnage greater than 1000 and registered in a State Party to maintain insurance or other financial security (such as the guarantee of a bank or similar financial institution) to cover liability for pollution damage in an amount equal to the limits of liability under the applicable national or international limitation regime, but in all cases, not exceeding an amount calculated in accordance with the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (London, 19 November 1976). The provisions of the present Convention do not apply to warships nor do they apply to ships owned or operated by a State and used only for government non-commercial service.

Why is it relevant?

State parties to the 2001 Convention benefit by avoiding long and expensive legal procedures following bunker oil pollution. Funds paid can also compensate for losses suffered by the fishing and tourism industry.

Additional Information

In 2003, only three States representing less than one percent of world tonnage, had ratified this Convention


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