Customs Convention on Containers

General Detail

General Information

  1. Type: Convention
  2. Date of signature:
  3. Place of signature: Geneva, Switzerland
  4. Depositary:
  5. Date of entry into force: 06/12/1975



Sub category

Exemption from Duties



What is it about?

The State Parties to this Convention have to temporarily admit without payment of import duties and taxes containers intended for the transport of goods in internal traffic. The containers have to be loaded and unloaded within the territory of the same State. Containers granted temporary admission have to be re-exported within three months from the date of import.

Why is it relevant?

Containers are an important item in the transport business and their use is considerably growing. In maritime transport about 80% of the transported goods are shipped in containers. The 1972 Convention develops and facilitates international carriage by container.

Additional Information

All Member States to the United Nations can become a member to the present Convention. The Convention on Customs Treatment of Pool Containers used in International Transport (Geneva, 21 January 1994) is similar to the 1972 Convention, but it only applies to pool containers for international carriage.


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