Convention on Agency in the International Sale of Goods

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  1. Type: Convention
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  3. Place of signature: Geneva, Switzerland
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  5. Date of entry into force: N/A



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This Convention, adopted under the auspices of UNIDROIT, establishes uniform rules when one person (the agent) has authority or purports on behalf of another person (the principal) to conclude a contract of sale of goods with a third party. This Convention is applicable when the principal and the third party have their places of business in different States and the agent has his place of business in a Contracting State, or when the rules of private international law lead to the application of the law of a Contracting State. The present instrument details the reach of the powers of intermediaries as well as the legal effect of their action. It does not apply to 1) an agency of a dealer on a stock, commodity or other exchange, 2) an agency of an auctioneer, 3) an agency by operation of law in family law, in the law of matrimonial property, or in the law of succession, 4) an agency arising from statutory or judicial authorisation to act for a person without capacity to act or 5) an agency by virtue of a decision of a judicial or quasi-judicial authority or subject to the direct control of such an authority.

Why is it relevant?

Agencies are often used for international sales. The adoption of uniform rules governing their actions eliminates certain legal obstacles in these types of contracts.

Additional Information

The present Convention provides uniform rules that govern contracts for the international sale of goods by taking into account the different social, economic and legal systems. It contributes to the removal of legal barriers in international trade and promotes the development of international trade.


Country ratifications
CountryRatification date
South Africa27/01/1986
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