Convention on Damage Caused by Foreign Aircraft to Third Parties on the Surface

General Detail

General Information

  1. Type: Convention
  2. Date of signature:
  3. Place of signature: Rome, Italy
  4. Depositary:
  5. Date of entry into force: 04/02/1958


Transport and telecommunications

Sub category

Aircrafts and civil aviation



What is it about?

This instrument deals with damage caused on the surface of one of the State Parties by aircraft registered in another State Party. It imposes absolute liability, attached to the operator of the aircraft, regardless of fault.

Why is it relevant?

It constitutes the only international convention which efforts are directed towards the adequate compensation for persons who suffer damage caused on the surface by foreign aircraft, while limiting in a reasonable manner the extent of the liabilities incurred for such damage in order not to hinder the development of international civil air transport.

Additional Information

Acceptance of the Convention has been slow and two State Parties denounced the Convention (Canada in 1976 and Australia in 2000). It calls for modernization in order to cope with recent developments in areas such as liability and environment.


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